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After a summer full of news, we welcome the new and old students to the new course at our center, hoping that they will enjoy it throughout the academic year.


This year we also started with new books. Although they are not mandatory, we recommend their purchase. All books have been chosen to complement our "Active Learning" methodology.  Buy or reserve your books in our center 

Prepare for the classes

Please, students from Stage 1 (from 7 years old and up) should bring their own pencils, rubbers, colors ... (and their books!)

Student of the month

Espeak All the students of the center can be the student of the month earning points in the classroom that will be rewarded in the following way:

  • Speaking English in class
  • Good behaviour
  • Good attitude to learning 
  • Good attitude to listenings 
  • Good attitude in writing
Reports on progress
We will send you a report on the progress of your children at the end of the first trimester (before Christmas) and at the end of the course in June. We will be making progress with class work and with vocabulary, listening, oral and grammar tests for older students.

Registration of students
All students must complete the registration form or update it, in the case of former students. It is important that we have all the correct data, as well as the authorizations of image use and exit from the center without an adult companion. Payment options and discounts We know that learning English is important. Although we do not offer weekly discounts, we offer payment and discount options that can help you. This year, you get a discount if you pay a full quarter. Remember that we offer free registration for June, July and September. The full month will be paid whenever more than 4 classes are received in the month. Please ask Laura for more information.

French in Espeak
In this course we offer French classes for primary and secondary students.

Support classes
For students of bilingual centers
We help you to do homework and prepare exams for those students who study in bilingual centers and have difficulties with some subjects in English.

If you want private lessons for specific purposes, we also help you. Ask availability.


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